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As an artist, I am really interested in showing that I have the same intention of explaining the concept behind my work, but also the technic.

I strongly believe that in order to be a respected artist you need to know the materials really well and how to work.

Because the choice of medium( sculpture,painting, engraving, performance) is not important.

You need to comunicate a message to the viewer  and be implicated with the society.

If you control the techniques, you will be able to just adapt to the situaton that s more useful in order to explain your message.

Nowadays my work involves human body : fears, body horrors, the body as a mirror etc…

And relating my work to philosophers such as , Luce Irigaray, Jacques Lacan´s disentangling the boundaries of the woman figure representations.

I also would like to point out, the political, social, psycological aspects, that could be found in the body including  the perversion of the image.

Another aspect that I would like to research in depth is the aesthetics and politics non – representational paintings, has been one of the most ignored areas for the embodied human figure.

I think that it is possible to challenge the modernist critical paradigm which devalues the female body continuously.

In addition I would like to relate the thinkings of Luce Irigaray in his masterpiece in “Speculum of the Other Woman”.

 Moreover I would like to mention that is amazing all the diferent lectures that we can apreciate in a body, disability, performance,political issues, self-image.

Besides, for me, the most important thing is to make the viewer experiment with sensations and emotions.

Like Rudolph Arnheim points out, it is much  better it we surrender to the magic and barely remeber the question. How is it done?

I can not separate my life from the Art, because it is always present in our lives.

                                                                                                    Amparo Latorre Romero