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MANIFESTO GULES ,AmparoLatorre -Romero 2012
( This glaze is a sign of strength, victory , boldness and cunning Highness.

According to several books on the subject of heraldry. )
1-  It is absolutely necessary to recover the social role of the artist , as an communicator of social , economic, political and cultural reality. Art for all, not for minorities.
2- We exalt the importance of technique and knowledge of the art to be able to adapt to what we want : to explain , narrate or report being partakers of our time.
3- We try to workand investigate seriously – and to do what has not been done yet in art .And not to be influenced by commercial art.
The artist should observe and keep his job withthe same rigor, seriousness and talent as anyother scientific discipline , for art is a universal language.
4- We want to fight against art created by speculators who choose the artist to be enthroned .
5- We denouncethe  abuse of abstract art without any knowledge of technical and artistic knowledge .
6- We denounce the lack of conformity  in young people.Gules  manifesto explains  that they should be  formed and investigated .
7- We denounce  the artists who copy , collect and recreate the art already done, without adding anything new .
8- Critics denounce the self-styled art ” purists ” for us poisoned for  the cigar smoke, with some bourgeois taste of dining room painting.
9- Build knowledge – claim the break and then get to the essence of art.
10- We demand spaces for emerging artists , media to bring art and democracy.
11- Long live the artist – intellectual , good communicator and polyglot .
12- We prevent collectors who only buy art for their value. This may be changing. While a good work of art is eternal , we just have to recognize it .
13- We serve us art for the viewer to be closer and interact with it , leading to all walks of life , ” art by and for the people.”
14- We denounce the deep degeneracy of contemporary art and we should fight to prevent it.
15- Social is more important than artistic why art should support society and to denounce what it affects .
16- We do not want to be political. Social policy must encourage dialogue through art .

In Rome ,january , two thousand twelve , the undersigned declares founded Manifesto Gules .

Signed : Amparo Latorre – Romero